Security Statement

At Bauschke & Associates protecting the privacy and security of our clients is at the forefront of everything we do. To maintain a secure environment we use an interlocking series of security protocols so that our clients are comfortable knowing that they are being protected by the most technologically advanced security systems available.

Data Transfer
  • User name identification, multi-level password authorization and advanced firewall protection.
  • All exchanges of information are encrypted and transferred utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption technology.
Storage and Backup

We take several measures to ensure that our applications and your data are safe.

  • Site resides on a redundant array of independent disks
  • Backup is completed daily to an offsite location
Security Audit

Customer data and network security are a top priority at Bauschke & Associates. To ensure our applications and systems meet the highest standards we regularly monitor our site and provide comprehensive audits regarding our website, applications, servers, database, intrusion detection, and security policies.

  • Co-located in a facility with a forty gigabit connection
User Requirements
  • Internet Explorer 6 OR Firefox 1.5 or higher OR Opera 7 OR Safari 3
  • PHP and MySQL running on Redhat Linux with an Apache Webserver
Security Tips
  • Do not share or mishandle your User Name and Password.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended while you are online; always log off when you leave.
  • If you suspect unauthorized access, contact Bauschke & Associates immediately.

When you conduct business with Bauschke & Associates Ltd., you gain a partner who places the highest priority on your safety and satisfaction with us. From providing a safe and secure environment, to exceeding your expectations each time you interact with us, our goal is to continually improve your relationship with Bauschke & Associates Ltd.



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