In today's competitive business climate, implementing and administering an effective compensation plan is an absolute necessity in ensuring a company's long-term success. In order to attract and retain top talent, organizations need to have it all in place - a well-formulated compensation plan, competitive salaries, benefits, and incentives; all along with a sound pay-equity program.

Flexible and easy to administer, the Bauschke & Associates Salary Administration Program is designed to introduce a higher degree of fairness and equality to your overall compensation plan. We benchmark salary data for your industry, in your economic location, to your exact job specifications, ensuring that your organization stays equitable within the marketplace so that you get the most out of each compensation dollar.

We provide you with the necessary tools to:

  • Create a clearly defined and understandable compensation philosophy that can be shared with all employees.
  • Eliminate inconsistent pay policies and practices that are a constant source of employee dissatisfaction.
  • Accurately align salaries within your organization to the marketplace
  • Navigate the fine line between experiencing overpay and the costly side effects of underpaying performance (i.e. poor recruitment, staff inefficiency, high turnover, diminished corporate image, etc.).
  • Ensure that compensation and benefits are a highly effective, strategic aspect of your business to attract and retain high performers.
  • Overcome compensation challenges through professional advisory services and effective administration tools.
  • Conduct compensation and benefit analysis to establish fair and competitive pay packages for your executives.
  • Boost productivity by linking employee goals directly to those activities most critical to your business success.

The Bauschke & Associates Salary Administration Program includes:

  • Queue - Compensation Management System.
  • e-Valuator - Performance Appraisal System (optional multi-rater module available).
  • Unlimited toll free 1-800 line professional advisory support.
  • Preferred pricing on employee compensation analysis.
  • Annual President/CEO compensation analysis.
  • Mathematically correct linear regression Salary Table(s).
  • Performance based Merit Matrix table.
  • Annual updates to audit and maintain the program.

To explore the significant advantages that the Bauschke & Associates Salary Administration Program has to offer you, please contact us today.



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