Executive Compensation

Bauschke & Associates knows that paying exceptional compensation to your talented executives is not just a sound corporate strategy, it's absolutely critical to retaining competent people who are the core drivers behind your success; the people who are deeply passionate about delivering a balanced scorecard - outstanding service, profitability, growth, and a focused strategic direction.

Because many organizations are impacted by regulations regarding the compensation of their top executives, some of the primary concerns of both regulators and shareholders have include:

  • Has the organization formally appointed a Compensation Committee charged with the responsibility of determining the overall compensation of the organization's top executives?
  • Does the Compensation Committee utilize an independent, professional compensation expert like Bauschke & Associates to help it determine the appropriate compensation package for its Highly Compensated Executives?
  • Is there a corporate policy regarding the on-going maintenance and review of your Highly Compensated Executive's compensation plan and how is that plan administered?

In order to attract, motivate and retain the best executives, your organization needs to have a highly competitive compensation plan in place. For example: a SERP (Supplemental Employee Retirement Plan) may be necessary to retain your CEO or other senior executive. Or a special benefits package may be needed to respond to unusual situations.

Bauschke & Associates provides the expertise and professional advisory services to help design, implement and maintain an effective compensation plan that demonstrates the true value placed on your top executives. Our extensive database of compensation information provides our human resource professionals with the means to:

  • Identify an appropriate peer group for purposes of benchmarking the total value of each executive's compensation package - salary, benefits, bonus and perquisites.
  • Collect, analyze and document relevant compensation information to ensure that the total value of the pay package falls within a competitive range.
  • Document the total compensation package in a professional report.
  • Establish and regularly review guiding principles that serve as the basis for managing your executives' compensation program.

To have Bauschke & Associates develop and install a compensation plan for the Highly Compensated Executive's in your organization, please contact us today.



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