Overwhelming Demand Continues for CEO-Online and Director-Online Performance Appraisal Software Programs

Winnipeg, Manitoba: A growing number of contemporary organizations are enthusiastically introducing Bauschke & Associates web-based performance appraisal software programs CEO-Online and Director-Online in their organizations. The market has shown us that there was a definite need for both of these performance evaluation systems, says Bauschke & Associates President, Randy Bauschke, and the positive feedback we are receiving from users is very encouraging.

CEO-Online performance appraisal software has been designed to improve CEO performance evaluations while addressing the need to clarify and achieve a shared understanding of organizational and CEO performance expectations. The programs built-in performance evaluation template establishes the basis for a credible, open and transparent evaluation based on predetermined performance criteria. This helps drive achievement, continuous development and improvement; provides constructive input and feedback with a view to the CEOs on-going development; helps drive financial results while maintaining a sound and successful organization; and, maintains a well documented comparison of actual CEO and organizational performance against previous evaluations. As well, CEO-Online offers an optional CEO Compensation Analysis feature that provides up-to-date market-based compensation data to help organizations maintain their competitive edge.

The U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (Canadian Securities Administrators-CSA- adopted similar provisions) introduced far reaching sweeping and significant changes to the corporate governance and disclosure obligations of corporations. Provisions of the Act are designed to enhance the accountability of corporate officers; improve corporate disclosure; introduce new audit committee standards; improve auditor oversight; limit conflicts of interest; and strengthen accountability for wrongdoing.

Director-Online was specifically developed to help boards assess their corporate governance performance. The system accommodates whole board evaluations, board committee evaluations and individual director evaluations. Built-in performance evaluation criteria comprised of both objective and subjective factors alerts board members to duties, responsibilities, individual conduct, regulatory requirements, and best practices, and the evaluation archive helps governance bodies establish performance benchmarks and track performance changes year after year. A built-in Corporate Governance Policy is also available as a value added feature for an additional fee.

To participate in a no cost, no obligation on-line demo contact us at 1 (800) 665-7776 or e-mail us at information@bauschke.com

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