CEO Performance Evaluations

"An Important Corporate Governance Duty"

Conducting the periodic CEO performance evaluation often becomes quite stressful for many corporate boards of directors. The root problem in most instances is that little, if any predetermined evaluation criteria were established at the beginning of the evaluation period. Inventing the evaluation targets after the fact leads to conflict within the board, and can also generate unnecessary conflict between the board and the CEO. When the performance targets are not visible and the evaluation process is not transparent, the related board duty of translating corporate operating results into CEO compensation considerations becomes an elusive conversational cul-de-sac.

Author, Michael Labouf, coined two universal evaluation maxims: (1) “What gets measured, gets done!” and (2) “What gets rewarded, gets done!” To the point: What specific performance results is your corporate board measuring and/or rewarding? Does your corporation have a strategic plan; a business model; an annual budget (both operating and capital); core business operating principles; and both objective and subjective evaluation criteria for comparing actual results against anticipated/expected targets?

Bauschke & Associates can help you make your CEO performance evaluation process transparent, objective, measurable, and dynamic. Our web-based software CEO Online© provides the answer, regardless of your industry, your unique circumstances, your corporate size and complexity, or your geographic location. Let us show you how CEO-Online© can improve your CEO performance evaluation processes.

To view an online video demo of CEO-Online© visit our website at or to participate in a no cost, no obligation on-line demo with you, or your entire board please call 1-800-665-7776 or e-mail us at

January 4, 2010
Ray Bauschke

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