Your CEOs performance

Many organizations outright avoid evaluating their CEOs performance, or consider it unnecessary for reasons such as:
1) The board has not set any performance criteria upon which to base the CEOs evaluation; or,
2) The performance measurement is singular (i.e. ROA, current market share value) and easily determined; or,
3) Both the board and CEO are uncomfortable with performing this vital corporate governance task"; and,
4) Any number of other reasons, excuses, or justifications.

Nevertheless, good corporate governance necessitates the hiring, motivating, and -- through sound policy -- directing the duties, responsibilities and expectations of the CEO. Therefore, without question, the periodic evaluation of the CEOs performance flows from this and should be done to ensure that strategic plans, budgets, targets, core values and business plans are indeed in line with projections and expectations. Performed properly, the CEOs performance evaluation brings all of this into perspective; makes it visible, measurable and provides a performance scorecard as well as a benchmark for future evaluations.

Bauschke & Associates can help you complete this important corporate governance requisite. CEO Online is designed especially for organizations like yours, regardless of your industry, corporate size or complexity. It is fully customizable and first rate in ease-of-use. To learn more, go to and view the short video presentation of CEO Online.

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