Corporate Governance Policy Manual

Does your credit union have a comprehensive, concise and compliant Corporate Governance Policy Manual that contains clearly delineated policy statements?

Statements which specify:

  1. What the board and management is responsible for;
  2. The extent of each entity’s authority and accountability;
  3. The performance expectations of both the board and management;
  4. The prudent conduct generally expected in addition to regulatory requirements; and,
  5. The sound business and financial practices to be employed.

Additionally, are the duties, responsibilities and performance expectations for board committees (Executive, Audit, Finance, Nominating, Compensation, etc.) clearly defined? Does each Committee have it's own Charter and the Chair of each Committee have a job description? And, is each Committee conducting a periodic evaluation of its performance and effectiveness?

Do your policies include meaningful statements that clearly outline the Board’s role and responsibilities to the members of the credit union, it's employees, regulatory bodies, and the community at large who rely on its products, services, and continued successful operation?

The will and desire to clarify such basic governance issues is paramount towards raising the corporate governance benchmark of your credit union. Engaging everyone at the top; investing in meaningful dialogue; and setting new standards for the effective execution of legal, regulatory and best business practices is not only desirable, it is increasingly being strongly advocated by legislators, regulators and an untrusting public.

Often credit union's like yours simply need a sound starting point. Professionally developed by leading credit union governance experts, this 126 page Corporate Governance Policy Manual, written in Word 7.0, provides a comprehensive treatment of critical policy requisites under each major topic. As well, this manual contains ready-to-use forms for the Board and each Committee; legal declaration forms regarding commitment and conflict; job descriptions; and more.

Why invest thousands of dollars in time and money to develop a Corporate Governance Policy Manual when you can purchase this fully customizable ready-to-use template today. Contact us for details.

Corporate Governance Policy Manual Price $4995.00