Market Priced Position Evaluations

Buy only the information you need when you need it... not an entire expensive salary survey.

We are continually investing in costly survey data, interpreting the reports and computing geographic variances in order to accurately align jobs with the marketplace. With current survey data on hand we are able to provide you with the latest market data for your industry within your geographic location complete with three base salary price points....the 25th, Median/50th and 75th percentiles so you can incorporate this marketplace base-salary information into your organizations compensation system assigning a grade value and salary range, as well as processing appropriate pay.

Just provide us with a current job description and well tell you what your industry is paying and what you need to consider paying in order to recruit, motivate and retain your valuable human resources.

To receive market data on any North American credit union, bank, non-profit organization, for-profit enterprise, or non-government organization, please contact us today to submit your request.