Job Descriptions

Bauschke & Associates has developed an extensive library of fully customizable Job Descriptions for over 330 different job titles including lending, information technology, accounting, risk management and more, all properly formatted and legally compliant to conform to such acts as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for all essential job functions. To preview a summary of any job description on this page click on the magnifying glass in the select column.

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Name Select   Name Select
Accountant I  Accountant II
Accountant III  Accounting Clerk
Accounting Manager  Accounting Supervisor
ACH Coordinator  ACH Manager
ACH Specialist  Administration Manager
Administrative Secretary  Advertising Coordinator
Agricultural Loan Officer  ALM Analyst
Application Support Specialist  Asset Recovery Manager
Assistant Branch Manager ($0 - $10 million)  Assistant Branch Manager ($10 - $25 million)
Assistant Branch Manager (over $25 million)  Assistant Controller
Assistant Office Supervisor  Assistant Security Officer
Assistant Vice President Business Development  Assistant Vice President Education
Assistant Vice President Lending  Assistant Vice President Risk Management
ATM Coordinator  ATM Representative
ATM Teller  Audit Clerk
AVP Commercial Business Services  AVP Indirect Retail
Bank Secrecy Act Officer  Bank Secrecy Act Specialist
Bankruptcy Coordinator/Collector  Bookkeeper
Bookkeeper I  Bookkeeper II
Bookkeeping Machine Operator  Branch Administration Manager
Branch Manager ($0 - $10 million)  Branch Manager ($10 - $25 million)
Branch Manager (over $25 million)  Branch Service & Sales Manager
Business Account Specialist  Business Development Analyst
Business Development Manager  Business Development Supervisor
Business Recovery Plan Administrator  Business Services Manager
Call Center Representative  Call Center Supervisor
Card Services Manager  Card Services Representative
Card Services Supervisor  Card Services Team Leader
Cash Coordinator  Cash Manager
Cashiering Supervisor  Central Files Supervisor
Chief Administration Officer  Chief Development Officer
Chief Executive Officer  Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Technology Officer  Chief Operations Officer
Clerk Typist  Collection/Insur. Specialist
Collections Clerk  Collections Representative I
Collections Representative II  Collections Supervisor
Collector I  Collector II
Commercial Loan Dept. Mgr.  Commercial Loan Manager
Commercial Loan Officer  Commercial Loans Resolution Manager
Commercial Loans Resolution Officer  Community Education Specialist
Compensation & Benefits Manager  Compliance Auditor
Compliance Officer  Compliance Officer
Computer Centre Supervisor  Computer Operator
Computer Programmer  Consumer and Retail Sales Coach
Consumer Loan Collection Manager  Consumer Loan Collector
Consumer Loan Department Manager  Consumer Loan File Clerk
Consumer Loan Lien Filing Specialist  Consumer Loan Officer I
Consumer Loan Officer II  Consumer Loan Officer/Consellor
Contract Administrator I  Contract Administrator II
Controller  Coordinator - Customer Services Rep.
Core System Engineer  Core System Operations Manager
Corporate Security Supervisor  Corporate Trust Officer
Credit Analyst  Credit Card Specialist
Credit Relations Representative  Credit Risk Specialist
Custodian  Customer Services Receptionist
Customer Services Representative I  Customer Services Representative II
Customer Services Supervisor  Data Entry Operator
Data Processing Manager  Data Processing Operations Supervisor
Deceased Account Specialist  Deposit Operations Coordinator
Desktop Support Specialist  Direct Loan Processing Supervisor
Director of Loss Prevention  Director of Program Development and Quality Assurance
Director of Retail Sales  eBranch Assistant Manager
eBranch Correspondence Representative  eBranch Lead
eBranch Manager  eBranch Representative I
eBranch Representative II  Ecommerce Manager
eCommunications Coordinator  Electronic Banking Clerk
Electronic Banking Manager  Electronic Service Representative
Electronic Services Assistant  Electronic Services Resource Clerk
Email-Server Technician  Employment Coordinator
Employment Interviewer  eServices Lending Member Service Representative
Executive Secretary/Admin. Assistant  Executive Vice President
Facilities/Building Manager  File Clerk
Finance Manager  Finance Specialist I
Finance Specialist II  Finance Specialist III
Finance Supervisor  Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst  Financial Counseling Service Representative I
Financial Counseling Service Representative II  Financial Education Manager
Financial Education Specialist  Financial Information Education Manager
Financial Planner  Financial Service Officer
Financial Services Specialist  Fraud Specailist
General Clerk  Graphic Designer
Head Bookkeeper  Head Teller/Teller Supervisor
Help Desk Assistant  Home Equity Loan Officer
Human Resources Assistant  Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources Manager  Human Resources Recruiter
Indirect Dealer Representative  Indirect Lending Development Specialist
Indirect Lending Officer  Indirect Lending Processor
Indirect Lending Quality Control Officer  Indirect Lending Support Specialist
Indirect Loan Officer  Indirect Loan Processing Supervisor
Insurance Counselor  Insurance Sales Agent
Internal Audit and Compliance Manager  Internal Audit Manager
Internal Auditor  Internal Control Manager
Internal Control Specailist  Internal Control Specailist II
Investigations Manager  Investment Accountant
Investments Clerk  Investments Manager
IRA & CD Clerk  IRA Specialist
Junior Checking Clerk  LAN/WAN Administrator
Legal Secretary/Conveyancing Clerk  Loan Processor
Loan Reviewer I  Loan Reviewer II
Loan Reviewer III  Loss Prevention & Compliance Manager
Loss Prevention Specialist I  Loss Prevention Specialist II
Mail Clerk  Maintenance Service Worker
Management Trainee (Bachelor's)  Management Trainee (Master's)
Marketing & Advertising Coordinator  Marketing Analyst
Marketing Co-ordinator  Marketing Communications Officer
Marketing Manager  Marketing Specialist
Member Business Services Administrator  Member Business Services Credit Analyst
Member Business Services Loan Administrator  Member Education & Event Specialist
Messenger  Mortgage Closer
Mortgage Loan Department Manager  Mortgage Loan Officer
Network Administrator  Network Administrator
Network Services Manager  Network System Coordinator
New Accounts Representative  New Accounts Representative
Operations Administration Coordinator  Operations Administrative Analyst
Operations Development Coach  Operations Manager
Outbound Sales Officer  Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Payroll & HRIS Specialist  Payroll Clerk
Payroll Deduction Clerk  PC/LAN Specialist
PC/Network Manager  Personal Computer Operator
Personnel Assistant  Personnel Manager/Director
Plastic Cards Administrator  Plastic Cards Clerk
Processing Systems Coordinator  Proof Machine Operator
Public Relations Executive  Purchasing Administrator
Purchasing Manager  Quality Assurance Specialist
Quality Control Coordinator - Participation Loans  Quality Control Manager
Quality Control Manager - Lending Services  Quality Control Review Analyst
Quality Control Specialist  Real Estate Clerk
Real Estate Lending Development Officer  Real Estate Loan Manager
Real Estate Specialist I  Real Estate Specialist II
Real Estate Specialist III  Receptionist
Recovery Specialist  Registered Member Services Representative
Repossession & Foreclosure Specialist  Repossession Specialist
Resolution Processor  Retail Representative I
Retail Representative II  Retail Sales Supervisor
Risk Management Analyst  Risk Management Coordinator
Risk Management Manager  Risk Management Manager
Risk Management Specialist  Risk Management Supervisor
Safe Deposit Clerk  Sales Center Manager
Sales Consultant Manager  Secretary
Security Coordinator  Security Guard
Security Officer  Security Officer
Security Systems Specialist  SEG Partnership - Branch Coordinator
SEG Partnership - Branch Manager  Senior Accounting Clerk
Senior Adjustment Specialist  Senior Business Development Manager
Senior Card Coordinator  Senior Cash Accountant
Senior Checking Account Clerk  Senior Commercial Loan Officer
Senior Computer Operator  Senior Computer Programmer
Senior Consumer Loan Officer  Senior Consumer Loan Officer
Senior Home Equity Loan Processor  Senior Internal Auditor
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer  Senior Network Engineer
Senior PC/LAN Specialist  Senior Risk Analyst
Senior Teller  Service & Sales Director
Service Development Specialist  Share Draft Coordinator
Special Services Manager  Special Services Representative
Staff Attorney  Staff Development Coordinator
Staff Development Manager  Student Loan Officer
Support Services Representative  Support Services Supervisor
Syndicated Loans Servicing Specialist  Systems & Procedures Manager
Systems & Programming Analyst  Systems Analyst
Systems Architect  Telephone Operator
Telephone Supervisor  Title & Insurance Clerk
Training Coordinator  Training Manager
Training Specialist  Training Specialist I
Training Specialist II  Universal Teller
Vice President Compliance  Vice President Education
Vice President of Human Resources  Vice President Retail Lending
Vice President Retail Sales & Marketing  Vice President Sales & Service
Vice President/Chief Lending Officer  Word Processing Operator
Word Processing Supervisor